As you can see from the page on the menu called
THE SCARLET EVELYN, this website was born out of frustration concerning a book that was no longer going to be appearing in print. My book.

The website has since taken on a life of its own: an online biography of Evelyn Waugh is taking shape where, in my opinion, several phases of Waugh's life are given enough space so that the relevant Evelyn can be fully encountered. At the moment of writing this particular page (September 5, 2014), the site is biased towards Waugh's twenties. But, in this flexible format, his post-WW2 years, his forties and fifties, will gradually be covered, while I'll occasionally be going back to explore neglected periods of his relative youth.

Like Evelyn Waugh, this site will put on weight as time goes on. Hopefully, it will age better than Evelyn did. Though from some perspectives Evelyn aged - and continues to age - just fine.

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Evelyn Waugh by Cecil Beaton, bromide print on white card mount, April 1955. Detail. (Badge added.)

Although the above photo is called simply Evelyn Waugh, I privately think of it as Evelyn Waugh: hiding from wife, children, telephone, insomnia, a hangover that has already lasted three days, the Century of the Common Man and Pablo Picasso.

Aside from the photo, how do I see Evelyn Waugh in the wider scheme of things? First, as the 20th Century writer who got through to the timid heart of me when I was seventeen. But also as an intellectual maverick, a monster
savant and a mirror that both inspires and intimidates me.

Step forward, Evelyn, come out of the dappled shade and let us get a good look at you in all your checkered finery. On second thoughts, stay right where you are and we'll join you in hiding in due course. In my case, I'll be hiding from my partner, social media, a second bottle of wine, the self-interest of a public school elite, Anthony Gormley and the prospect of my own mortality.

Will that do for starters? Too static; let's get

The book referred to in the opening paragraph above, is now (May, 2015) published. And so I have the best of both worlds: a solid publication out there in the real world, and this living, growing, evolving bag of tricks that is coming at you via a computer screen.

evelyn! final cover - Version 2

Copies of the first edition are still available from the Telegraph Bookshop, the Mail Bookshop or Amazon. Or order from your local bookshop.

If you like this page, or any subsequent page on this website, do consider sharing it on Facebook. Every reader is precious. Though Evelyn is on record for saying that, on the contrary, he was writing for just a few of his close friends.

Who would they have been then? Oh, you'll get the hang of who was in and out of favour.

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