Meeting Place: Temple of the Four Winds, Castle Howard

Meeting Time: Noon, 26 June, 2020

Let's see how many of the following turn up:

1. Richard Plunket Greene

2. Patrick Balfour

3. Dick Young

4. Audrey Lucas

6. Diana Guinness

7. Alastair Graham

8. Pansy Pakenham

9. John Heygate

10. Henry Yorke

'And there will be weeping. And there will be wailing. And there will be popping of champagne corks.'

But should it be 'Evelyners Assemble' after 'Avengers Assemble', the Marvel comic and feature film. Or 'Evelyneers Assemble' after 'Musketeers Assemble', the Alexander Dumas creation? I don't think it matters. In which case: