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Well, the page following this one is a
strong essay. But there are about a 100 strong essays on this site. So what I've done is to group most (but not all) of them into CAPITALISED sections. These correspond to the more significant CAPITALISED headings in the menu to the left.

Sma' bits. Funny. Or scary. Or something else. Click on a photo to get a short, sharp literary shock.

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Forget this section of ten chapters. Essentially it's me both offloading and showing off. But juxtaposed with an authentic stream of stills from a film in which young Evelyn Waugh plays two parts. (In this case the photos are not links, as the chapters are linked one to the next, from chapter one through ten.)

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Unprepossessing though this section may seem to the uninitiated, there is nowhere else - neither book nor website - that deals with this crucial part of Waugh's early life in such depth. Again the photos below are not links. Start at the beginning and try and stay in the slipstream of a confused and melancholy teacher's motorbike.

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Exquisite. Obsessional. Layered (began in 2014 and returned to in 2018). Sixteen chapters. Pick 'n' click any one to start with. Total immersion awaits.

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Forget this too. It was a nice idea, but not as nice as the next one.

Meticulous. Insightful. Endless (began in 2013 and not finished yet: the layering may continue
ad infinitum). Another chance to pick 'n' click your way into a main phase of Waugh's life

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What started off as the main point of this site is now close to being an appendix. Surely worth exploring though: where biography morphs into autobiography. Let's face it this whole site is really about WRITING, SEX, IDENTITY, ALCOHOL, HUMOUR and TIME, whether EW's or my own. Or, hopefully, yours.

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I think it's worth adding that many of the stand-alone essays about individuals variously concerned with Evelyn Waugh have thrown up new discoveries or perspectives. Those are:
Dick Young (aka Captain Grimes), Alathea Fry (née Gardner), Audrey Lucas, Lord Berners, Alastair Graham and Gertrude Stein.

This was meant to happen at Castle Howard in summer, 2020, but the corona virus has put paid to that. Still, the sideshow must go on and it's proven to be a good umbrella for making a study of those friends that Evelyn made at Oxford and who went on to write books, or aspire to write books, themselves.
Richard Plunket Greene, Patrick Balfour, Robert Byron, Brian Howard and Henry Yorke. This section is part-written by Nancy Mitford.

So that's it as far as the reader in you is concerned. But what about the writer in me? I've got so much more to say. Please God, grant me the time and the tool-set to organise the relevant material.

I have written this page on Friday, December 14, 2018, after having consumed a material amount of alcohol. But - careful research reveals - pretty close to nothing compared to what Evelyn drank on a typical December day of almost any year from 1922 to 1965.

The images and links were added on the Saturday (December 15) when my mind had returned to its customary three-day-old-razor sharpness.