September, 2014. Publication of my book is on again. The details are still being discussed between the prospective publisher and my agent, but my mind is racing ahead of that particular tête-à-tête. At last - or at least soonish - the images that Alexander Waugh and Richard Heygate generously provided me with will be made available in print.

I've been experimenting with a couple of them in search of an illustration scheme for the book. A photograph of the Evelyns taken in the grounds of Barford House in the glorious summer of 1928 (or the inglorious one of 1929). The picture (see below) was taken by Alastair Graham (added top left). John Heygate (right) makes up the foursome.

Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 17.15

OK let's hear what they've got to say for themselves:

He-Ev: "Good news, darling. My book is to come out."

She-Ev: "The one about Rossetti?"

He-Ev: "The one about me, of course. Alastair is delighted. Aren't you Alastair?"

Al: "Tickled pink."

She-Ev: "I expect John will be too."

He-Ev: "Darling, why on earth would it matter one way or the other to John?"

She-Ev: "Oh... err... I don't know. Because he looks up to you."

He-Ev: "Well, we'll have a drink with him if we get back in time tonight."

She-Ev: "And the toast will be?"

He-Ev: "To Jeremy, a much-admired editor!"