I would really like to write about Waugh's last eight years.

As to when, that very much depends on how long it takes for me to push a barrow from PIers Court, Gloucestershire, to Combe Florey, Somerset.

If I get my finger out, it could be days or weeks. On the other hand, it could be months or years.

UPDATE, 2017
Just spent the last eighteen months writing about 32 other writers. See Result is, I'm no nearer to Combe Florey in summer of 2017 than I was in autumn, 2015.

UPDATE, 2018
Have just posted
this. And my next move will be to go back into the Piers Court section and cover obvious omissions, such as the writing of Men At Arms and Officers and Gentlemen; plus Waugh's disdain for Picasso and his admiration for Spencelayh, plus his meeting with George Orwell. Thus by-passing Combe Florey for the moment. But I'll get there in due course. I think.